Redevelopment Services

• Pre-development / Feasibility Studies – Understand regulatory issues, get help developing your proforma, identify potential tenants and understand the market before you buy.
• Re-Zonings & PUDs, Exceptions, Waivers & Variances – Understand zoning requirements and alternatives. Develop and submit application and work with Planning Department on review. Work with neighborhood groups, City Councilmembers and others as needed to explain project and gather support.. Appear at Planning Commission and other meetings to defend application.
• Windmill Consulting is a Florida real estate broker, licence #BK3133431.

Old Buildings and Historic Buildings

• Landmark / NR Listings – Learn the history of your house or commercial building, and its place in the history of its neighborhood, city, period in history and architectural style. Listing on the National Register of Historic Places or as a City of Jacksonville Local Landmark may make your property eligible for tax credits or other incentives, but may also come with strings attached.
• COAs – All buildings within the Riverside/Avondale and Springfield Historic Districts – historic, non-historic and new – require a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission before significant work can be done to the exterior. Understand the requirements before you start designing your project to avoid costly redesigns. Take advantage of representation with city staff and before the Commission.
• Historic Tax Credits – The federal government offers a 20% income tax credit for rehabilitation expenses on historic buildings. However, the credits are complex and can be difficult to use. Work must be approved in advance by the National Park Service. Understand whether you can use these credits. Make sure that your project design takes full advantage. Other incentives, such as state and federal grants and local property tax abatement can also be available.


• Existing Assets Optimization – Parking is necessary for any business or real estate project. Once your project is completed, we can examine actual parking usage. and identify ways to make better use of a tight supply of parking.
• Identify & Lease Additional Parking – Parking can be extremely expensive to develop, and has detrimental effects on street activity as well. We can help you secure underused parking nearby for employees or guests.
• Permitting Assistance – Governmental regulations can often be different from market requirements. We can prepare your application for relief from parking requirements, work with City staff to explain issues, and appear before the Planning Commission or other bodies.